Cabin Dogs

Cabin DogsWhat started with two brothers (Rich and Rob Kwait) and two dogs on a mountain retreat has become a road tested working band – playing festivals, joints, coffeehouses and other odd venues for the last 10 years. Highlights include the Newport Folk Festival (twice), Appel Farm Festival in New Jersey and Full Circle Fair in Maine …..playing with acts that include Wilco, Drive By Truckers, Richard Thompson, The Radiators and Donna The Buffalo.

Cabin DogsCABIN DOGS play an original blend of american country roots wrapped in a subtle 70’s grooviness which has been compared to classic works of The Band, Grateful Dead and Bob Dylan….with shades of Gillian Welch and Wilco. The band has released two well received full length records as CABIN DOGS and also two prior full length records as the Kwait Brothers Band.

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