Brian Medlin

Brian Medlin is a self-taught musician who has been performing music for over a decade. He has played in several bands, had several recording projects, but has always continued to play solo acoustic, singer/songwriter music in the vein of Bob Dylan, Neil Young, or more contemporary artists like Elliott Smith or Beck. He has released a total of 7 EPs and 1 full length album, and is currently working on his second full length “Brian Medlin & the Elk Band”.

He grew up and went to school in Lansdale, PA, where he played drums in a band called Inkling which fused melodic rock with hardcore. Between 1998 and 2000 Inkling released three EPs and a split seven inch record on three separate labels. In 2001, Inkling disbanded, with most of the remaining members (including Brian) forming The Minor Times. In the seven years The Minor Times were together they gained national attention, not only from their tours which spanned the country, but from their one EP, and two full length albums, all on different record labels. Their final album “Summer of Wolves” was released in 2007 on Prosthetic Records, one of the largest metal labels in the country.

During that time, Brian began expanding his time and talent with various recording projects. A two-person electronic, indie rock project called Ghost Away allowed him to experiment with the sounds of one of his favorite bands, Radiohead. It also allowed him to sing, play keyboard, and guitar, as well as still playing the drums. Ghost Away self released one album and one EP which is a compilation of instrumental music made for short films, one of those films winning the “Best Soundtrack” award at the Project 21 festival in Philadelphia. In 2006, shortly before The Minor Times disbanded, he started playing drums in a dual-drummer band called Person L. This challenged Brian to play in an entirely different style, shifting from aggressive metal/hardcore, to a loose, bluesy rock band. Person L gained national attention immediately, and quickly jumped on it. They toured half the country, even before the release of their first EP in 2008. By the following year, with the release of their full length “The Positives”, Person L had toured the entire country with an array of artists including Anthony Green of Circa Survive, Good Old War, Underoath, Mae, Ace Enders, and Copeland. With Person L, Brian has performed in front of audiences all over the US and Canada, in various size venues and crowds. Brian’s two favorite experiences with Person L were performing at Bonnaroo Music Festival and The Electric Factory (where he saw his first concert).

Between touring year-round, playing drums in various bands, and recording with different projects, Brian Medlin has always made time to sit down and write music by himself. Since 2005, Brian has released a batch of songs every year for free on his website¬† Most of his EPs are stripped down, bare-bones music, with only an acoustic guitar and his voice. By 2009, he began to add percussion and electric guitars to the mix. His first full length album “In Bedlam”, released in 2010, is the first attempt at a “full band” sound, with Brian handling the drums for the recording. Last year, he stripped his sound back down, this time to just a piano and his vocals. Brian is currently in the studio with a band he calls “The Elk Band” to work on his second full length album. He currently lives in Haverford and will be performing by himself at this year’s Haverford Music Festival.
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