Denise Montana

what they are saying about Denise…

“It is a real joy to listen to Denise Montana. Her sophisticated phrasing, clear articulation and strong horn-like voice put her in a class with Ella and Billie. Denise Montana is a passionate vocalist with consummate style.”
— Jennifer Karpin Nemeyer
Editor, Jazz Improv Magazine

“It doesn’t get any better than this.”
— Bob Perkins
WRTI Jazz Radio, Phila.
Denise Montana
“When Denise sings a song, you’ll find yourself believing the lyrics. Behind this emotionally charged delivery stands a singer with vocal chops finely honed by years of experience. Miss Montana has thrilled audiences with her unique vocal style. She is an expressive, finely tuned instrument with an enviable range of pitch, timbre, and expression.”
— Jan Klincewicz

“Without a doubt Denise Montana is a fine Jazz singer, an original stylist, her interpretation has a Bossa Nova flavor for me. She is one of the finest singers performing today.”
— Joao Da Penha
Brazilian Radio Station

“Her CD,  “In My Life”   is done with jazz phrasing over clean chords.   Montana succeeds in making this set of chestnuts relavant!   She shows sass…she’s got it in her DNA.”  –Karl Stark  Phila  Inquirer

“There is a lot of sweet sensual pleasure in listening to that wonderful voice of  Denise Montana, an outstanding performance, like each selection of this beautifully crafted CD.”
— Lee Prosser
Jazz Review

“Denise Montana with her silky sensual voice lights up the darkness night with joy, and she sings with such sensitivity that the jazz listening audience will be enchanted with her lovely jazz stylings. She is in top form on her new CD “IN MY LIFE”.
“IN MY LIFE” is a memorable listening experience blessed with a fine jazz vocal performance. A winner on any scale. Highly enjoyable!”