Self Indulgence

Self IndulgnceSelf Indulgence is a six-piece band playing classic rock covers and original material: rhythm guitar, lead guitar, keys, saxophone, bass, and drums. Our set lists (examples attached) draw people that enjoy quality 1960’s and 70’s rock n roll and who love a good club, bar, restaurant, or party!

We performed at both the 2012 and 2013 Haverford Music Festivals.

Front man Rob Simpson (Unskunkables… Havertown local) and lead guitarist Wally Urbanavage (Sons of Ace, The End) have been playing together since the early 1990’s. With varied influences ranging from Jerry Garcia and Jimi Hendrix to Bill Monroe and Dickie Betts, Rob and Wally developed a unique duo-style. They jam, exploring the music, as well as deliver spot-on covers.

Chris Barber (Unskunkables, The Seabillies… Havertown local) joined in with Rob and Wally at a local Friday night jam session. Inspired by greats like Billy Preston, Ray Manzarek, Leon Russell, and Ray Charles, his key playing inspires and awes.

Walt Zborowski is the newest member of the band. Walt’s (Penfield local) bass playing is perfect for Self Indulgence Band.

Gordon DiFalco (formerly of Aces Back-to-Back) has spent 29 years behind the kit and has studied rhythms & percussion with Mickey Hart at Naropa Uiversity.

Anthony Lombardo (Walter Jay Orchestra, Playboy Casino Band) blows a mean sax on top of all this sound. He also pulls out the flute for classic Jethro Tull and Marshall Tucker tunes!

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