John Salamone Band

Hometown: Norristown, PA
Type of Music: rock, alternative, space rock
Band Members:
Beard – bass
Chris Genovese – keys, guitar, vocals
John Salamone – vocals, guitar
Nick Vacante – guitar, vocals
Zack Zimmer – drums

John Salamone Band (JSB) are a rock band based out of Philadelphia. Our sound is about what best fits the song, and capturing the right vibe. The songs are diverse but often lean to the spacey side of the musical spectrum with moody lyrics melded into spooky hooks. “We’re an electric rock band, with a quiet, dark side. 3 guitars, bass ‘n drums, piano, and the human voice are the sound that texture songs with a familiar distance.”
John Salamone Band
In former bands, Glasshouse and The Red King, some members shared the stage with The Darkness, Spritualized, Johnny Marr, Spacehog, Roger Waters and played at the Taubertal Music Festival in Germany. As well as playing shows all along the East Coast and in Canada, they also had the privilege to record with Brian Mctear, Phil Nicollo, and Dale Penner.

Vapors, JSB’s new EP, is available at iTunes, CD Baby and Amazon featuring five new tracks! Keep in touch with us at