Willy Potts

Willy Potts is the brand name for the American contemporary composer and pianist, born William G Walton 3rd in 1951. He is widely acknowledged for his skills on the piano. His performances are noteworthy for containing lengthy and intricate solos.

At age 8, he began the study of classical piano privately with his aunt, herself a professional accompanist, before moving into contemporary popular music genres. In 1969, while a student at Penn State University, Potts threw himself into the study of American Blues music. He was mentored by the renowned Buzz Barkley whose compositional style figured prominently in his repertory.

Another pianist, Nicky Hopkins, was a major figure in Potts’ developing musical style. Potts was the keyboardist for the band, “The Goonies” until 1972. After graduation, Potts went his separate way. The years that followed were filled with introspection.

He embarked on a journey of self-discovery, throwing himself into a program of religious studies and martial arts. While he continued to practice, Potts rarely performed in public. In 1989 he purchased his first synthesizer and began writing material that reflected his developing evolutionary style. In 2001 Potts married and it was his wife who encouraged him to devote his life to music.

Building of his home studio, Bovine Meadows, commenced in 2003. By 2005 he began his first recordings of original material.

His first CD, “meadowmorphosis” was released in October 2006, followed by “Reflections” in September 2007 and “VOICES (of the Angels)” in June 2008. His most recent CD, “Back On Track”, contains completely new original material, what Potts refers to as “conceptual improvisations”.

Since then, he has continued to focus most of his energies on his recordings. His live performances have been described as engaging if not a tad bit unorthodox and feature a collection of re-worked songs from the 1960’s and 1970’s as well as many originals.

Willy Potts