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MC Elixir and Friends

MC ElixirPerforming for the first time at the Haverford Music Festival and the first emcee and DJ act at the Festival, MC Elixir (“Lix”) is a Philadelphia-based emcee, rapper, songwriter, DJ and performer.

As a member of renowned DJ crew, the Skratch Makaniks Crew, he collaborates with Philadelphia performance DJs: Excel , Jay-Ski, Sat-One, Adam Bomb, Kwestion, JeyOne, Spinbad, Aktive, DJ-AVee, Romes, Impulse and Bee.

During his career as an artist and personality, MC Elixir has worked with The Roots, Wu-Tang Clan, Paris Hilton, MIA, P-Diddy, DJ Jazzy Jeff, Diplo and many other notable artists and stars.

He is also a special events brand ambassador for many international consumer brands.
Lix has recorded and featured on numerous records and mixtape projects. A true icon of the Philadelphia club scene, Lix supports the arts and the development of young DJs in the Greater Philadelphia area and is a ceaseless champion for the uniting power of hip hop.