The Paul Waltz Band

The Paul Waltz BandThe Paul Waltz Band has been around the Chester County area for over 25 years. Noted for their intricate detail to song writing, they have received merit as the the top unsigned band in the Philadelphia by Music Magazine in 1990. Tour history includes such venues as CBGB’s, The Galaxy, Empire Rock Room, The Caberets, and has been featured on every major radio station in Philadelphia. Most recently The Paul Waltz Band has played such venues as The World Cafe Live opening for The Young Dubliners and also the infamous Trocadero. The founder, Paul Waltz, lives in the Chester County, Pennsylvania area. Paul has been supported by people such as Kevin Williams( The Church ) Chaz Waltz (Young Dubliners, Shooting Star), Robert Scovil (Tom Petty, Rush, Def Leppard ), Norm Dahlor ( The Elders, Tommy Shaw, Shooting Star ) Phil Ehart ( Kansas ).
The Paul Waltz BandThe Paul Waltz BandThe Paul Waltz Band