For Immediate Release

With an audience of more than 15,000, the 2012 Haverford Music Festival ranks as one of the top events Haverford Township offers. Even with such a huge turnout this past September, organizers want to know how the annual musical event can improve for next year.

The Board of the Haverford Music Festival is inviting interested residents and businesses to a Town Hall Meeting on Wednesday, November 28, at 7 PM in the Community Room at the Haverford Township Free Library. While the board will provide residents and business leaders with its vision for the event’s controlled growth, the community at large will have an opportunity to voice their ideas about the popular music festival.

“One of the Board’s driving forces in creating the Music Festival was to do something wonderful for our community and we work hard yearlong to produce it,” says board chairman Tom Kelly. “It’s only natural for us to want to keep the community at center stage and engaged. In addition, we know we don’t have a monopoly on good ideas, so we are always looking for new, better and different.”

Preparations for the 2013 Haverford Music Festival have already begun and the Board wants to hear input from local residents, musicians and businesses while the next event is still in the developmental stage.

“If you have an idea or question, please come to the meeting this month,” adds Kelly. “We have so many talented and creative people here in the township; we know we will get some great input on how to make the 2013 Haverford Music Festival even better than before.”