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We’d also like to inform you that the HAVERFORD TOWNSHIP MUSIC FESTIVAL is a fundraiser to support not only this great annual event but also various worthy Haverford Township organizations and projects. To date, we’ve distributed about $100,000, from which we’ve awarded grants to such non-profit community groups and programs as the Haverford Township Free Library, Music Works, Tree Tenders, the Adult School, Haverford Partnership for Economic Development, The Grange Estate and many others. We’re grateful to the non-profit Haverford Township Civic Council for organizing and supporting our first several Festivals, and now look forward to continue our fundraising under the auspices of the recently established non-profit HAVERFORD TOWNSHIP EDUCATION, ARTS AND MUSIC SOCIETY – or HTEAMS for short — not only to continue the annual HAVERFORD TOWNSHIP MUSIC FESTIVAL but also to help maintain the quality of life in our great community!

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