What’s the best reason to volunteer at the third annual Haverford Music Festival on September 7?

“It’s fun,” says long-time Haverford resident Paul Mariani Paul Mariani who has helped to set up the stages and a lot of other tasks for the first two festivals and plans to be there again this year.“It’s special,” Mariani says, “and fun to be part of something that is so good for the township. He also thinks, “it’s neat” to see and work with so many people who know a lot about music. “They don’t want accolades, they just want to do a good job,” he says.

According to police estimates, HMF attracted up to 15,000 participants during the nine and a half hours of music played on the three stages last year.

From the Oakmont Administration Building to the Lamplighter Inn vendors tables including food and drink round out the day, and it takes a lot of volunteers to make it all happen, says coordinator Peggy Murr, who gets help from committee members Sylvia Tolan and Harrelyn Rosenthal.

There are three shifts throughout the day. “The first begins very early in the morning when they stages are set up,” Murr explains. “Anyone who wants to learn about sound systems and constructing a stage should sign up on the HMS website.” Mariani, who has worked on the stages, says, “The camaraderie is pretty special too. It’s work but it is almost like a vacation.”

There are many other more opportunities for volunteers to contribute listed on the HMF website. Folks can sing up to check bags, sell wristbands and provide information to the many concertgoers. Another popular option is working with the musical acts. Interested? Sign up at www.haverfordmusicfestival.org. All ages are encouraged to get involved.

“We are looking forward to meeting many more township residents who want to give something back to our township and have a good time, too,” Murr says. “You’ll see your neighbors and old friends and make some new friends. Every volunteer gets a festival T-Shirt and when it’s over, they will all have some great memories, too.”