Amy Pickard and The Cradlers

(country folk)

Amy Pickard’s songs are as raw and complex as Loretta Lynn singing Edgar Allan Poe’s lyric poems. Like Loretta, Amy grew up in the southern Appalachians, and she can whisper or laugh or holler without sounding false or forced.  Like Poe, Amy drifted up from the South to the tense and tender streets of Philadelphia.  There, she co-fronted the country band She-Haw through seven years, three records and two UK tours with Alejandro Escovedo, Laura Cantrell, and Jason Ringenberg.

Amy released her first solo record, “Cut from the Hopeless,” in 2007.  Her spare arrangements and rough country flatpicking complement a writing and performing style that is intimate and to the point. Amy’s songs record the many forms sorrow takes in this world – love being the foremost. She carries the listener not to pangs but to contemplation, and tenderness.

Over the years Amy has collaborated with many local theater, dance, and musical artists, among them Pig Iron Theatre Company, Headlong Dance Theater, Iron Age Theatre Company, The Mural and the Mint, and Paul Edelman’s Jangling Sparrows. She continues to perform with a rotating cast of Cradlers, regular amongst them her husband, Ramon Monras-Sender (Madelean Gauze, BC Camplight, Cynthia Mason), on bass and dear friend Jesse Flavin on guitar.