Brooke Falls(Jazz, Contemporary, Pop)

16 year old Brooke Falls was born in Fort Collins, Colorado on May 5, 2000 and has since moved to the Philadelphia area. USA

Her first dream of becoming an entertainer came at the early age of 9 where she performed MEMORY from CATS. The standing ovation that was received by Brooke was the spark that she needed to continue the ongoing pursuit of her dream.

Her goal is simple; she loves to entertain people with her singing. Brooke has worked with Coati Love Music, Co. who also felt her career as a singer was the right path for her and released her first EP, Dry Your Eyes.

Brooke also has a tremendous passion for theatre and has been in 12 theatre productions at different local community theatres around the Philadelphia area.

Brooke Falls loves to sing a variety of different genres and styles. She has performed at over 25 venues such as Ardmore Music Hall, The Kimmel Center and opening up for singer-songwriter Mary Fahl (former lead singer of October Project) at the Kennett Flash.