Marc Ambrosia


Singer/Songwriter, Marc Ambrosia received a radio as a present when he was just five years old. From that moment, he knew he wanted to end up on the other side of the speakers. What Marc also knew is that if he ever wanted to really make a splash in the music industry, he would have to write his own songs. Eventually, Ambrosia finally picked up his pen.

On his debut album Footprints, Ambrosia writes about the pitfalls and pinnacles in both life and love. He also writes about the growth experienced along the way. Ambrosia didn’t rely on imagination to write his material, instead he opted to write from first hand experience, which comes across in the soul and conviction behind his skilled and nuanced vocals. His songs come from a real place, a place of desperation and yet, hope. How can Ambrosia write so eloquently about these things? He’s been there.

Marc AmbrosiaIn 2011, after a long drug addiction, Ambrosia’s mother passed away and just six months later, Ambrosia lost his best friend to a short battle with cancer. All this happened when Ambrosia was just sixteen years old.

“I was at a point where it felt like everything good was slipping away,” Ambrosia says. “In an effort to restore myself, I started writing.”

“No one ever writes a hit the first time they attempt to write a song,” Ambrosia laughingly says. “I started writing in 2011 but didn’t write something really good until 2013. In 2014 I had strong enough material to make an album, and now I’m writing all the time and feel like my best work is always ahead of me, that’s a good way to feel.”

Its now safe to say Ambrosia has stepped into his own as a songwriter. Footprints highlights that with sophisticated songwriting and poetic lyricism on songs like, “Nineteen,” “Part of Me,” and “Love Like Rock N Roll,” among others.

“When I decided to make an album I had no idea of how good it would end up sounding  a year later,” says Ambrosia. “This record is as good as it is because of the phenomenal musicians who played on it,” he quickly adds. “These were the finest musicians I could get my hands on. Some of them I’ve known for a long time, some I met for the first time doing this project. They came in and added their own personal touches to these songs and I couldn’t imagine making this album without them.”

Ambrosia is also quick to give credit to Jamie Myerson, who engineered the Footprints album. “I’m incredibly lucky to have found Jamie,” he says. “Jamie has done really breathtaking work throughout his career. Once I heard his work both as an artist and as an engineer, I was sold. He helps bring my visions to life, I couldn’t be more grateful.”

“No matter who you are or where you come from, so many of our lives share a lot of parallels,” says Ambrosia. “I like to write about those parallels in hopes that we can all meet in the middle, see a little bit of ourselves in each other, and just be kind.”