Topping the bill on HMF 2017’s Darby Road Stage (near Campbell Ave.) will be The Weeklings, performing original, early Beatles-inspired songs, plus tunes the Fab Four gave away to other artists instead of releasing themselves, with infectious passion and enthusiasm and an exceptionally high level of precision and authenticity – so authentic, in fact, that you might think they were Liverpool Lads, though they’re actually Jersey Boys! Besides having made two Weeklings albums– The Weeklings (Monophonic) and Studio 2, both released by JEM records and Absolutely FAB – the members have all appeared and collaborated with many high-profile artists. Perhaps most familiar is Glen Burtnik (bass guitar and vocals), a platinum/gold record-awarded singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, best known for his work with Styx, Electric Light Orchestra and John Waite. Burtnik has also recorded several solo albums and starred in Beatlemania as Paul McCartney, opposite Marshall Crenshaw as John Lennon.  Rounding out The Weeklings are Bob Burger (rhythm guitar and vocals), John Merjave (lead guitar and vocals) and Joe Bellia (drums and vocals). “Little Elvis,” from the Studio 2 album, was chosen as the “Coolest Song in the World” by Little Steven’s Underground Garage.