Preceding Sloan on the Darby Road Stage will be alternative rockers the PI Power Trio, led by guitarist/composer Pat Irwin. Irwin was a founding member of The Raybeats and, with Lydia Lunch, 8-Eyed Spy, both of which were an important part of what has become known as the “No Wave” scene in New York City in the late ‘70s. From 1989 through 2008, Pat was a touring member of the B-52s. The PI Power Trio, his new band, plays modern music that draws on the rich tradition of instrumental rock ‘n roll and then blows it up. Accompanying Irwin are Daria Grace (whose own band is The Pre-War Ponies) on bass and vocals, and, on drums and vocals, Sasha Dobson, one of the headliners of the 6th Haverford Music Festival in 2016 (Sasha also plays in Puss ’N Boots with Grammy-winner Norah Jones). Frequently seen and heard rockin’ around in NYC, the PI Power Trio will introduce the Delaware Valley to its exciting indie rock at The Haverford Music Festival.