Sasha Dobson

Sasha DobsonSasha Dobson, Brooklyn darling of jazz and daughter of Bay Area jazz icons, has been on the New York scene for the better part of almost 20 yrs. Her career took a swift turn to the mainstream when she decided to take the reigns and pick up a guitar. Her motivation (to accompany herself) translated immediately into songwriting. Her innate jazz improvisation and sensibilities were the starting point of the NY scene Sasha was about to lead.

Sasha’s recordings include 2005’s The Darkling Thrush, recorded with The Chris Byars Octet, and Modern Romance (2006). Sasha DobsonThe latter, which won praise from TIME Magazine, was produced by Jesse Harris, Grammy-winning songwriter of Norah Jones’ breakout hit “I Don’t Know Why.” Sasha is also a member – along with Norah Jones and Catherine Popper – of the trio Puss n Boots, who released their debut album No Fools, No Fun in 2014. Sasha’s most recent solo album, Into the Trees, came out in 2014, and she is currently working on her next release.   Sasha will be preceding Lisa Loeb on the Darby HMF Field Stage.